Tuesday, September 29, 2009


5 Cemerlang Class PArty 2009

Date : 101009
Time : 3pm onward
Venue : Seapark Condotel
Style : BBQ Buffet Dinner
Theme : Pool Side Partie.
RM 30/head

p/s bring extra cloth :P


Sunday, September 27, 2009


This Is A GREAT Clips... touched.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Short Post


today accounts. SUCK. i did so bad this time... i regret... or should i blame the teacher teach not good? oh well, i wont blame teachers for my bad... haiz... seriously i did soooooo badddddddddd this time... sob sob.... once my friends ask me about the exam test paper i took lagi tambah stress u noe... i terus take my decision not to stay bak and go home rest... sorry :( .. im so depressed now. tomorrow is physics . and i havent do my revision too.. haizzzzzz...

This morning is my second time in my life time wake up early to study...i rmb last time was KH paper haha.... i think tomoro will be same too... i just fad up . cant concentrate study... ... mayb the exam time is tooo long ... lazyness coming... haizzz. but nevermind... 70 more days :!!!!!!! TAHAN.... 1!!! blink eye sure go thourgh oredi !!! GAMBATEH. To SPM candidate ... !!!

3 MORE DAYS TRIAL !!!!!... hahaha...

gtg tuition :D then SLEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP :D:D:D:D... sob sob,..


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Study For What ?!

Study For What ?!
Ok, now i know is like exam TRIAL TRIAL TRIAL !!!

what for we study?
Base on my opinion, study is one of the "method" to use our free time. ok or we use the word school, why we go to school? hehe, a lot people think that we go to school to study, to become a genius, know everything, next time when we grow up can earn money. MONEY MONEY MONEY... so do you think that money is everything? ... Eh please . learn the moral values from the novel THE PEARL By John Steinback, when you got money... or so call the great pearl, can u confirm that u will 100% happy and feel safe? haha... about the pearl, Kino is attacked how many time, at last coyotito is dead ... haha. so now do u think that money is that important??? hehe

My opinion, we go to school to sosialize. haha we meet new friends, we enjoy the journey when we studying , the ending is not important, as long as its happy. We muz enjoy the journey, exp, now is exam week, we are so nervous and keep studying until the morning haha, so we should enjoy... next time when we are 70's 80's we recall back sweet memories that we studied like mad... haha... this wont happen already in few years time haha...

Further STUDY... haha... i wan to become an engineer because i can EARN lot of money... ( before u say that, think twice that u will enjoy ur job? Do u like this job? will u happy? ) haha. hmmm, some of u say to others, eh, don study this la... next time no job eh, masa depan x cerah oh. hahha. wow, like after u study for engineer SURE will got ppl want u work with them oh... impossible bah kan...

Some say i rather drop my chinese, bcs iwan get a STRaight A's... see wad will happen then...

haha. fine. i need to read my sejarah oredi, i bet my language is a VERY BIG PROEBLEM 50% of readers cannot understand kannn :D leave message in cbox eh, i feel been ngeclected oh... :(


Friday, August 28, 2009

Im Not A Proffesional Driver

What You Prefer When Sitting In A Car
One Hundred Km Per Hr
FiFthy Km Per Hr
Sixty To Seventy Km Per Hr
I never sit in a car before.
pollcode.com free polls

Let This Post start with a Poll :D
update later... wait awhile :D


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Go Mickey ...

Changed layout. back to mickey mouse. haha... going to update soon. wait for someone to copy paste me their friend list :D hehe.



hello, i've been neglecting my blog for like longggg longgg time, i do not noe got ppl miss me or not. so sad ha.... hahaha... so today is THURSDAY... means we only left 4 days to our SPM trial... nervous? yes i am... i feel sooooooo dono how to express... I mmg got study ok ? hahaha... i've studied one YES ONE of the sejarah bab, ... swt... ACCOUNTS. i've only studied hmmm, akuan realisasi and my document... and also penyata pendapatan... hahhaha... i hope to study more. but hw? TIME is the problem TT...

So I feel like been neglect by my friends. mayb should say my attitude make them fad up? or like bcs of sebaliknya ur attitude make me fad up and i treat u bad that make u treat me bad back... (can understand ka?).... IM worried my english now... so sad... I would like to try to use a proper english in my blog ok?...

Holiday me and my friends study in the library. We studied i guess. However it is better that i stay at home "langsung" didnt flip my book. My problem now is i am addicted to Hongkong series. the new AOD series . Its sucks, i need to waste my 1hr a day to watch that series... :(

I know this is like pointless about this blog post. but i wan to highlight my Weakness here, to let my friends to know what actually i am...
- I easily get jealous. VERY...
- i dislike people to talk bad about me... (who like ?) LoL...
- i like to shout that make people thought i am scolding him/her. NO.( a lot of people got hearing problem, if u dont shout they do not know what happening)

----- enough for now ------
- i do not know now a days me and her always like fighting because of different opinion. i just cant understand her. maybe. she fad up of me i guess...
1. I fight for PERFECTion .... She cincai cincai ok only... (X)
2. She always say me bad TT. (lol)
3. I do not want to menyakitkan hati orang... I wont suddenly go find fight with other people ba kan.
Only if they make me do extra work.
she sms make me uncomfortable. ( about the library)
5. Sorry for the sms i send you. ( about the skipping school that one. ELLE also.)

Last But Not Least.
I DO NOT KEEP A "DENDAM" in my heart. this is true. the post up there only show my guiltyness.... please what ever i did yesterday, forgot about it, make your tomorrow happier...

So Sorry .

P/s when school reopens, please clear your "loan" with sarah, for those who took whatever photostat paper or book that havent pay. Thank you.


Friday, August 7, 2009


and so. a buzy week are coming... haha... long time din blog. i don want become someone haha... so this few day are relaxing i guess :D SO much fun yesterday ss-ing for the graduation photo, although it is like only 265 photos. but all is memorable... FUNNNN... haha...

Today wendy came :D haha bt elle fail to come :( so today they have fun ss-sing also... it is like whole 2 period they sit there and ss . same place lagi that haha... LoL... haizzz... during physics teacher ask me to lead them to do experiment, i failed :( ... so sad. tht teacher only told me 3/4 of the experiment,, i was like... blur and the whole class blur... my fault. SORRY :'( ... so depress oh during that period... haha sorry a. if u all cannot understand the exp ask teacher eh :() .... haha

Ok ... now im worried bout my spm and coming week... it will burst my head off... u see what i list down a....

MON- Fund raising mini sale, 5c class photo session, then got minggu acedemic, then got Chem, then got malay, then got bi... haaha

TUE- fund raising mini sale, Photo session for school. pancaragam training for bulan kemerdekaan, class magazine page need to settle :D... thennn... someone trying to boycot not to take photo...

WED- fund raising mini sale, photo session for school. Pancaragam Performance for bulan kemerdekaan, class magazine settle , theennnn....

Thurs- fund raising mini sale, phtot session of school... Yay getting lesser

FRI- photo session.. hahah...

Its a BUZY week... it like wan me to cut half of my body seperate it to diff places... hopefully not...

TRIAL EXAM is sooooo near. i havent study yet... im soooo nervous now. i need to do a timetable to my self need to force my self need to pray to HIM to help me on this... seriously im such a.... i din even flip one page of any book :'( even carissa READ someting... huhu... my US result is such a FRESH tahi.... all fail . seem to... xuck...

I got an idea... i will post what i have read to this blog... mus force myslef... u all also...

p/s i promise to start studying NEXT WEEK or next next week... MUST DO IT

<3 SPM Countdown :102 days


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

100th POST

Ops, prefect one need some more time to update... im sick lately... haha here s a post.... ...

Now im @ school having my Ujian Setara ... Acc Paper. hahha

Bored, is just wasting of time to me, dint study at all, see what can i describe now =) it is 1308 pm, omy, teacher wan sanoni is heading here, she is talking to sharlyn, dono about what. haha... Ok belle is sitting beside me, she is like so serious doing her test, can u imagine her *serious face*... Oh teacher is talking to carissa now is like : ha why u reading HARRY POTTER BOOK during exam ha? finish do liao?,... Ok. next now turns to Marion, she is temenung-ing there... hhahaha... Nobody is sleeping right now haha, they are just doing their own stuff...

Back to harry Potter, im currently reading Harry Potter The Half Blood Prince. Interesting, i have watched the movie and now im reading the novel./ Im sot of that padahal GAr is sot of the twilight. ok now, we were gone wild before the paper, i act like HP, using the broom fly inside the class, i fly here and there.... PAUSED... anizzah went to toilet, oh she is talking to t hardizan out side haha..... back, carissa now currently reading the HP book... ok i fly with my new 2009 century broom. what it call a ? haha ... ops saw Gar borrowing Irving's ruler haha... Belle went high when we talk bout HAPPY ROTTER... She pula using a ball pen as a wand and use some spell, such as wingardium leviosa.... Oh it make carissa;'s file fly... haha... and sure u all think im bull haha nooo only a MUGGLE can see it. wakakaka...

imagine emma is too rich to continue filming the hermoine in the next episode. and come change to our CARISSA LEONG, with hermoine dress, book worm, and this and that will it funnY? hahahah.... i cant stopping laugh now. hahah... ok now is 1320, 5 more min to go... LD belle faster,...

p/s TODAY IS A CFC-FREE DAY :) ... no a/c :D

thanks to all for saving our mother nature. we can live more 6 hours in this earth GOOD JJOB... today so windy no a/c also can ba :D

can u imagine carissa with the nerd look when she reading harry potter? hahaha... OPEN big big eye , no expression punya face, big big mouth , lalat also can go in... hahaha...
Oh no belle not enough time to do liao, she cried... OUT LOUD... so sad i see her face. carissa try to persuade her but failed to do so... so kesian i see her face. its like " oh no, go home sure die!" face... hahah


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

99th Post

99th Post ... Reserve for prefect's board 08/09...


25 July 2009